Electronic Birthday Cards

Now in our digital age, most people live a busy life. The world has become fast-paced that people find it hard to find time to purchase a greeting card before the birthday occasion. Thus, well wishes and the cards are sent later than the date of the occasion. But of course, the birthday cards cannot be sent through an e-mail, which can definitely solve the time issue.

Having understood situations like that, creative minds have made it possible to create electronic birthday cards. Also known by its moniker, birthday e-card, these electronic cards look exactly like the traditional hardcopy birthday cards. It has pre-written message or you can also customize it. Of course, these cards also have music and graphic arts, sometimes, even animated. What makes those cards convenient is the fast sending feature—it can be sent via an e-mail in an instant like a click of the mouse.

With almost more than half the world is connected through the Internet, more people prefer to send electronic birthday cards. They save time in buying and sending. There is no need for you to go out and get stuck in a heavy traffic just to reach the nearest shop. Nor should you go to the air mail carrier to send it to the recipient.


You can purchase e-cards on the Internet as well. All you need are your credit card or other payment options like PayPal or Xoom, Internet access and a computer. Or you can also send free e-cards. You can browse thousands of online shops selling or offering for free personalized cards for all occasions.

Apart from sending e-cards through an e-mail, you also have the option of sending it through a mobile SMS. Due to the trend of mobile Web sites, there are online shops creating a mobile version of their Web domain for easier access by smartphones.

Known as mobile electronic birthday cards, these cards have the same features of the conventional cards and the cards available online.


Birthday cards are among the most popular types of cards today. Statistics have shown that there are hundreds of thousands of cards mailed each day. Cards can be purchased from bookstores, school and office supplies, and even online like the trendy electronic birthday cards.

The hardcopy birthday cards have become more expensive, and even more expensive to send them via post mail or snail mail. Such is especially true if the recipient is offshore. Some bookstores sell a birthday card between $4 and $10 dollars depending on the manufacturers and features of the birthday card.

Understanding Electronic

Birthday Cards